Tea Towels

Leaf Green

  • 100% Linen.
  • Super absorbant and colour fast.
  • Fun, funky and colourful designs.
  • Machine Washable.

43cm x 70cm

100% linen:
$16.00 CAD

Hand Printed in Canada


Dragon Fly	Green Tea Towel
Dragon Fly	Blue Tea Towel
Bird Blue Tea Towel
Bird Green Tea Towel
Bird Red Tea Towel
taupe birds tea towel
Flower Green Tea Towel
Flower Red Tea Towel
Flower Yellow Tea Towel
Flower blue tea towel
Fish green Tea Towel
turquoise bottle fish towel
School Fish Turquoise
Shanghai fish orange tea towel
Vertical Fish Red Tea Towel
Cow Blue Tea Towel
cow green tea towel
Cow Taupe
Vertical Fish Blue Tea Towel
Frog Green Tea Towel
Vegetable Blue Tea Towel
Vegetable Green Tea Towel
Orange Fruit Tea Towel
Purple Fruit Tea Towel
Strawberry Tea Towel
Oystercatcher Tea towel
red poppy tea towel
Poppy Purple Towel
poppies pink tea towel
taupe Botanical bird
green botanical bird tea towel
Bird Tree Red
bird tree towel
caribou oatmeal tea towel
red caribou towel
tea cups red tea towel
tea cups black tea towel
utensils red tea towel
raspberry tea towel
bee yellow tea towel
bee grey towel
black bikes tea towel
red bike tea towel
trees tea towel
Tree on white towel
artichoke tea towel
penguin tea towel
apples green tea towel
apples red tea towel
mushroom white tea towel
mushroom white tea towel
Berry Bird black/oatmeal tea towel
Berry bird white tea towel
Berry bird red on white tea towel
white hearts red towel
white hearts blue
white hearts grey
taupe new poppy towel
New poppy blue towel
Poppy turquoise tea towel
Dahlia tea towel
Lemon tea towel
Leaf taupe tea towel
green leaf tea towel
Dahlia Pink Towel
Dahlia Yellow
swedish bird red towel
Swedish Bird Blue
blue new dragonfly
trees taupe tea towel
trees grey towel
trees red towel
green trees towel
bear oatmeal
brear white
chickadee red
chickadee Grey